Work Those Abs!

The BillyStix 6-Part Workout Series works upper body, lower body, abs & core, cardio, balance, coordination, and agility.

BillyStix are two weighted sticks, so each BillyStix works independently.  BillyStix are filled with sand, so every movement shifts weight from the hand out to the end of the Stix using centrifugal force.

When used for the Ab Workout, not only do the BillyStix add weight, but the shifting weight really works your obliques as you twist from side to side.  Boost your Ab workout with BillyStix!

You can take every exercise and make it harder or easier depending on how you hold the Stix. By utilizing multiple muscle groups and muscle confusion, we add intensity to the workout without the need for a HIIT workout.  So, there is very little jumping around and definitely no dance moves! Each workout is approximately 20 minutes, so you can do one workout, or you can combine workouts!

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