Bill Shuttic

Founder – BillyStix Workout

I lived in Japan for four years in the 90’s, which is where I studied aikido and iaido.
I have an MBA in Global Management, and I’m an entrepreneur. A few years ago I had my own line of nutritional supplements. I’m currently developing a line of workout DVDs. I created the BillyStix workout by combining all of my past experience in martial arts and as a personal trainer.

As a natural health practitioner, I believe our bodies have the innate ability to heal itself if we have a healthy immune system. Are you overweight? Do you have a medicine cabinet full of pharmaceuticals? Are you tired? Foggy thinking? Lack of memory? Do you have stomach issues? Blood sugar issues? Stiff joints? By leading a healthy lifestyle, you can lose weight, feel better, look better, have less physical and mental issues, and more. A healthy lifestyle includes exercise, relaxation, as well as a good diet. I want you to imagine yourself the way you want to look and feel. I can help you reach that goal.