You will enjoy this exciting new training with the Smooth Dynamic Resistance of Sand!  It’s the hottest new workout in the fitness market. BillyStix are weighted stix that add leverage, force and weight to your workout. A revolutionary new product that will challenge you and work your muscles by combining muscle confusion with interval training.  It’s a full-body workout that will have you sweating in no time!  BillyStix works your upper body, lower body, core, cardio, balance, and agility.  Order today and get free shipping.


Benefits of Adding BillyStix Workout to Your Gym

Looking for a revolutionary new product and exercise program that will attract new members to your gym?  Train your members with Smooth Dynamic Resistance of sand!  BillyStix is the hottest new product and exercise program in the fitness industry today!  Six different workouts can be combined to create a 20-minute, 30-minute, 40-minute, or 60-minute workout!  This full-body workout will work your upper body, lower body, core, cardio, balance, and agility.

Use BillyStix as a stand alone class or add it to your bootcamp, yoga, HIIT, Abs, Cross-Train, pilates, indoor cycling or other classes for added excitement and benefits!


Add a fun, new routine to your group classes

BillyStix are weighted stix that add leverage, force and weight to your workout. This new product is challenging and works muscles by combining muscle confusion with an interval training, full-body workout. The stix themselves were designed by a martial artist and personal trainer. When you sign up with us, we’ll train you on how to use these tools to help your participants get a great workout! We also will provide you with a certification to teach this unique class – and it never needs to be renewed. Once you’re a certified BillyStix trainer, you’ll have everything you need to teach a great class that offers something for everyone.

BillyStix Complete Gym Training Package

Contact us to become a Certified Instructor or to host Certification Classes at your Gym. We’ll not only train your staff, but we’ll certify them to host BillyStix classes at your gym or studio. This type of training provides an effective workout for the upper body, lower body, and core, while offering cardio and balance/agility training.

  Gym Package Price: $1,600.00


More About BillyStix

The BillyStix set comes with two sets of BillyStix – regular and heavy. The Stix are weighted, so you can adjust the grip easily. The weight can be heavier or lighter depending on how you hold them, and they work multiple muscle groups at the same time!

“The absolute best value for dynamic active resistance training!”

Gym Package Price: $1,600.00

“BillyStix was created from my 30 years experience in Martial Arts along with my passion as a Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist and Nutritionist”

-Bill Shuttic


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