What Are BillyStix?

You Might Sweat a Little

I developed this system in order to give a full-body workout that includes Upper and Lower Body, Core, and Cardio. all rolled into one. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of workout videos that do a lot of jumping around. I don’t personally like jumping around or having to memorize complicated steps.

I developed a program that will stress your entire body without all the jumping around. I guarantee that when you do my BillyStix Workout, you will be sweating, and your heart will be pounding. I like to call it a “low impact, high intensity” workout. There are a variety of reasons why my system works. Not only are you working multiple muscle groups simultaneously, but the Stix themselves add weight by extending the leverage.

Because the Stix are filled with sand, you’ll be adding weight to your workout. Not only will you be adding weight, but the weight will be shifting during the workout which adds not only leverage but additional force. If you think the BillyStix are too easy, we’ve included a pair of Mega BillyStix for you.

BillyStix 6-part Workout

BillyStix 6-part Workout Series is built on sweating. You just can’t help it! Get introduced to your very own set of BillyStix in the comfort of your own home..