BillyStix 6-part Workout Series

The BillyStix 6-part Workout Series is a unique, full-body workout broken down into 6 separate workouts.  You can do a single workout every day, or you can mix and match two, three, or all six workouts.   Nearly two hours of workouts that will work almost every part of your body.  Although the workouts are separated according to body parts, each workout will work your entire body.  By holding the BillyStix, regardless of what body part you’re working, you will also be stressing your arms, which will increase the stress on your body and increase your heart rate.

  • Warm-up – 20 minutes.  Although we call it a warm-up, it’s a good light workout by itself.
  • Cardio – 14:30 minutes.  It’s a little shorter than the others, but it will get your cardio going.  If it’s too easy, do it twice.  Or add it to one of the other workouts.
  • Legs – 22 minutes.  Really work the legs, but you’re working the entire body.
  • Abs – 12:40 minutes.  Short but sweet and intense.  Do it twice if you think you can!  Or add it to one of the other workouts.
  • Arms – 25 minutes.  Works the shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms, wrists, and grip strength.
  • Yoga & Stretching – 21:30 minutes.  This yoga-inspired workout works your balance along with stretching.  Looks easy…but it’s not!
  • Cool Down – 3 minutes.  Always spend a couple minutes cooling down after a workout.

The BillyStix 6-part Workout Series is a workout unlike any workout you’ve done before.  We’ve heard people say it looks easy, until they’ve actually done the workout.  Then, they’re surprised at how good of a workout it is.  BillyStix is good for any age and any fitness level.  Try it for yourself.  Do you think you can do it?

When you order the 6-part BillyStix Workout Series, you get a set of BillyStix, which includes two regular Red Stix and two heavy Black Stix along with a canvas-cotton carry bag with strap.

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